We are specifically geared for light accident damage and paintwork repairs  - scratches, dents and panel replacement.

Using the latest infra-red paint drying technology, we can often offer a 1 day turnaround service for smaller repairs.

There are now literally thousands of colours and variations used on modern cars, with most popular colours actually concealing a wide choice of shades - no wonder many garages struggle to match colours properly!
We have on-site our own advanced paint mixing equipment, which allows us to mix any quantity of paint when needed, instead of waiting for deliveries from outside suppliers.

Our paint system covers all modern refinish paints - air drying, 2-pack enamels and of course the latest water-based technology as used by manufacturers.


No colour matching problems with our repairs - we match the correct shade and mix it as required on the premises for each vehicle, using computerised paint formulae and electronic mixing equipment.


Craggs Commercials for accident damage repair Durham area